Go Solo Grl (May 2019)

Go Solo Grl is an international community of womxn who love to travel. We help you make meaningful connections built on trust, respect, and inclusivity.


With careful preparation and access to our resources, traveling alone can be an

enriching experience without sacrificing safety and feeling lonely. 

Feel: What do you want them to feel?

 Secure. Empowered. Safe. Relieved. Motivated. …all to travel alone.

Do: What do you want them to do?

With Go Solo Girl, you’ll
feel safe and confident about solo travel
be exposed to and interact with other womxn & cultures

… find real-people contacts & resources


The need to feel sufficient as an individual and connected with  others as part of something larger; to move beyond self-interest

The need to examine life in all of its complexity and diversity, to seek new experience and overcome prejudices


The need for joyful experience

Meet Karen

Early 40s
Freelance writer
Recently divorced
Re-discovering herself

  • Karen,  42-years-old, recently divorced, from a small town in Washington State
  • Loves Samba and Brazilian culture
  • Wants to visit Rio de Janeiro and experience Brazil
  • No solo international experience, doesn’t know Portuguese
  • Concerned about her safety as a womxn
  • Will book her trip “someday”

Knows herself

  • Has already undergone “transformative maturation”


  • “Yes!” to life & new connections


  • Community 
  • Adventure & Safe Travel
  • Rich life 

The need for joyful experience


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